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On-site repairs for your convenience

We offer repairs on any instrument here on our premises.

Woodwind instruction | Roanoke, VA | The Bandroom | 540-283-9855

Get repairs on purchased instruments

If you purchased one of our quality instruments, it came with a warranty. Under that warranty, we will repair your instrument at little or no cost.

All repairs are handled right here at our Southwest Virginia location.
If the repairs are extensive, you may be qualified for a replacement instrument depending on your instrument warranty.

Receive repairs on rented instruments

If you are renting an instrument from our store, we will take care of any repair you need.

We even take care of the normal wear of your instrument rental!
All rental repairs are quick and convenient, performed by our experienced staff. It is our promise to you that your rental will remain as good as new.

If you need repairs or servicing on any instrument, call right away!


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